Feb. 19, 2009 - Ben Vakoc

 Optical frequency domain imaging
A new tool for studying tumor biology and evaluating cancer therapies

High resolution, intravital multiphoton microscopy has provided powerful mechanistic insights into health and disease, and has become a common instrument in the modern biological laboratory. The requisite high numerical aperture and exogenous contrast agents that enable multiphoton microscopy, however, result in a limited capacity to investigate substantial tissue volumes or to probe dynamic changes repeatedly over prolonged periods. Here, we introduce optical frequency domain imaging (OFDI) as an intravital microscopic tool that circumvents the technical limitations of multiphoton microscopy and, as a result, provides unprecedented access to previously unexplored, critically important aspects of tumor biology. We describe the operation of the OFDI instrument, and present measurements of tumor angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis, and both vascular and cellular responses to therapy, thereby demonstrating the potential of OFDI to facilitate the exploration of physiological and pathological processes and the evaluation of treatment strategies.

Ben Vakoc

Ben Vakoc received a bachelor's degree in applied physics from Cornell University in 1996, and a Ph.D. in applied physics from Stanford University in 2001. He did his graduate research in the field of fiber-optic sensing, and transitioned to the field of biomedical optics for his post-graduate research. He has worked since 2004 at the Wellman center for photomedicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, where he is currently a faculty member developing optical diagnostics and therapeutics as well as new microscopic tools.


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